New update


Our payment gateway is restricted once more. That’s bad for us. All your donations are on hold, we don’t know when we’ll get that money. For more than 4 months, we have not received your contribution, all contributions are on hold (Paypal, Buymeacoffee). We need your help, right now, we don’t have any money, we’re having a money crisis.

The money received from advertising on the site is too little (more than $50/month). Renting a secure payment gateway takes a lot of money. Now, we will use Paypal, this is a temporary solution, because it is possible that our PP account will be locked at any time.

When we got money, we can pay for web hosting, server upgrade and repair, buy more photo albums…

Support us!!!

We need your help, Best regards

24:45 1/11/2022

DJAWA photo, LEEHEE EXPRESS, Loozy, Moon Night Snap, PURE MEDIA, Saint Photolife Collections updated new links.

we are uploading other cosplay photo albums…


ArtGravia, BLUECAKE, CreamSoda and some DJAWA photo albums updated with new download links.

We will upload new links for other collections.

Bad news

we got some bad news, one of our Mediafire accounts has been locked.

maybe for copyright reasons, so some download links will die.

We are working on fixing them, it will take a long time, we are looking for a better data server.

Thank for all.